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Forum has moved to another server
en date du 2009-10-18 21:03:41
In order to get a better service, the forum has moved to http://forum.vyncke.org (same username and password of course).

In case of trouble, please contact eric@vyncke.org.

Please note that this web site will probably move as well in the coming days or weeks, so, always use the 'correct' URL: http://www.vyncke.org/dragons/

Orders in the Stock Exchange
en date du 2009-04-25 16:46:29
In order to make the Stock Exchange more attractive, since April 25th 2009, the procedure for the Stock Exchange has been updated:

1) maximum quantity is now 99.999

2) orders can stay open for maximum 5 days, after they are simply automatically cancelled.

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